Traces of Absence (with Karen Weinert), since 2004

The photographs from the long-term project »Traces of Absence« (Abwesenheitsnotizen) show places associa-ted with well-known individuals, such as Martin Luther, Albert Einstein or Annette von Droste-Hülshoff, which today are open to the public as museums.

More than anything, these places present their famous inhabitants' furnishings – either the original objects, or, if these no longer exist, exact reconstructions that at least conform to the period and the ihabitants' social status. The photographs show us these living spaces, but with all their contents removed, entirely empty of household objects and furniture.

What's left when nothing's left? When there's no furniture, personal effects or even a vase of flowers on the table to suggest that the owner might still be at home? What is revealed to the viewer are contemporary elements: radiators, security systems, plug sockets, visitors' signs and our footprints on the floor.

Moving the contents out of these workrooms and living spaces creates an empty space that directs the viewer's gaze towards 'points of uncertainty', raising questions about loss and permanence in the contemporary world and the place of posterity within it.

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